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daily/private photoshooting

We catch the best moments of your kite holiday. It doesn’t matter beginner or professional. Every day we stand in the water and shoot pictures of you while kiting. You can choose your pictures an keep an unforgettable memory of you and your holiday.

You can book us also for a private photo session. It doesn’t matter half hour, 1 hour, you can choose the time we stay with you and concentrate only on you to make the best pictures of you and your kite skills. 

book your private video

You want to capture you and your skill of kiting in your holiday?  Just book us for a private video session. We film you and edit the clips to a 3 minute video with music or you just get the clips and can edit them by yourself.


The Art of

The very special photo shooting under water. Feel and look like a mermaid. Get your unbelievable pictures under water. in an 90 min session we will shoot you in the swimming pool. for more information just contact us.

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